I directed and edited this music video for the amazing band Bridges of Konigsberg. Download the single, and a remix by t y l e r e t t e r s & the northern information movement for free (or pay what you want) here.

This band is about to blow up, I can feel it. I have heard their upcoming album, and it is fantastic. Get on it before the rest of the internet does. 

Merry Christmas! All LAKE RADIO albums are free! I might put up a new Single up tonight if you guys are interested.

1. Blood Indian
2. Pipe Bomb
3. Ethiopiate
4. Roanoke
5. Pastradamus (ft. Tyler Etters)
6. Childcraft

All LAKE RADIO albums are pay what (including FREE) you want again! Get them while you can, there are 200 downloads remaining. Check out my latest album Hypnagogia, too, if you haven’t.

Just a fun demo for fun and guitars.

LAKE R▲DIO shirt. 12 dollars.

Rough mockup of the shirt. They look better in person, believe me. The printing company did a great job.

You can order your very own shirt here.

Dream House

My newest album, Dream House, is now available to download.